15 benefits of online invoicing

15 benefits of online invoicing

In today’s competitive market place, freelancers and small businesses need to find an efficient way to generate invoices and keep track of their companies’ financial information. These are a few important advantages for you to bill clients online:

  • 1. Cost reduction: online invoicing is the perfect way to reduce your cost on papers, envelopes and stamps. Reduce also storage cost!
  • 2. Save time: we all knows that time is important! Online invoicing allows you to create and distribute multiple invoices very quickly.
  • 3. Organization: it’s easier for you to manage and search information through your invoices. Think how organized you’ll be.
  • 4. Everywhere access: it’s in the cloud so you can access it everywhere you got an Internet access.
  • 5. Reminders: inform your clients with automatic reminders to improve your chances to get paid on time.
  • 6. Read receipt: get notified when your clients read your invoices.
  • 7. Eliminate errors: deal with issues such as missing information or invalid numbers.
  • 8. Deal with many currencies and languages: invoice in multiple currencies and use different languages for your documents.
  • 9. Easier customization: use professional templates that fit well with your company’s image or create your own with ease.
  • 10. Security: all communications between clients and Direct Invoice are secured with SSL encryption. Data are stored on secured web servers.
  • 11. Global overview of your finances: online invoicing allows you to get reports on financial aspects of your company.
  • 12. Environmental responsibility: reduce your carbon footprint and the impact of your company on the environment.
  • 13. One central application: manage client information and billing from one web application.
  • 14. Data backup: You data is backuped several times per day. Your information will be secured and your files could be quickly restored.
  • 15. Modernity: online invoicing communicate on a modern company image.


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